Sharp R-216LS Compact Size 0.8 Cu-Foot Microwave

If you are looking for a affordable small microwave but not too small, you might want to take a look at Sharp R-216LS compact size microwave. Personally, I think this is perfect for student who stay in a college dorm who need a microwave to heat up some meal, it’s a also fit in nicely for those who have limited counter space at the kitchen. Well, what are the pros and cons?

Sharp R-216LS Microwave

The Bad:

  • Not enough power.
  • No light on inside when you open the door.

The Good:

  • Compact size, a bit bigger then smallest microwave.
  • Affordable.
  • Stainless Steel at front panels

Sharp R-216LS Compact Size 0.8 Cu-Foot Microwave Review

Product Description:

  • Pops Popcorn – automatically for perfect results with all types of microwave popcorn
  • Four Cook Options – ensure perfectly cooked popular foods for 1 or 2 servings
  • Six Reheat Options – make it especially easy to heat frequently served foods including beverages, pizza, rolls, and muffins.
  • Four Defrost Options – quickly defrost meats and poultry by weight. Specific program for each category assures excellent, even results
  • Minute Plus – sets the oven at High with a single touch

Sharp R-216LS User Feedback:

Some amazon user feedback that might help you to see whether this is the right fit for you or not:

“Because of limited counter/kitchen space in my new apartment, I needed a small but efficient microwave oven. I decided to shop online as I really did not have time to got to 5 or 6 stores and measure ovens. I selected the Sharp based on the dimensions. I measured my space before ordering. I was pleasantly surprised when the microwave oven arrived, as it not only is a good fit but is extremely good looking, and does the job just fine. I basically use a microwave to defrost, heat leftovers, and soften ice cream. This oven does all of that with ample speed and power. It is nicer looking than anything I saw in Target, Costco, etc. If you want a small, easy to use, and attractive oven this one is for you.” – Scott M. Holdaway

“I really only use the microwave for popcorn, heating up meals, and heating up coffee. It’s been absolutely perfectly fine for that. One minor, minor thing is: there’s no light on the inside when you open the door. That bugs me” – Amy

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