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A microwave oven can be one of the most amazing wonders in the modern kitchen. It can heat your leftovers, cook and even bake pastries! So, welcome to my best microwave reviews blog! I’m Reese. The reason why I’m writing this blog is because I realize that I’ve accumulated a lot of information regarding the entire microwave oven buying process. By putting together my experience, tips and advice that I’ve gotten along the way, I hope that all your worries and answers can be found right here in my microwave oven blog!

Best Microwave - Microwave Reviews

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How to Pick the Best Microwave Oven

It can be a bit overwhelming looking at all those black or white boxes that look almost the same and not sure which is the one for you. Actually you only have to check these three criteria to pick the best microwave:

  • Standard microwave oven – Good for heating/cooking ready food, defrosting and maybe warm that mug of coffee.
  • Convection microwave oven – Other than the standard functions, this grills and cooks food like a toaster oven!


  • Compact microwave – Below 1 cubic foot. Suitable for college dorm room, small apartment or office use.
  • Mid size microwave – 1 to 2 cubic foot. Nice for the standard family.
  • Full size microwave – 2 cubic foot and over. For those who have a large family.


  • Countertop microwave – Placed on the kitchen counter. This is the most common style and comes in all sizes, but if you lack countertop space you might not want to have this.
  • Over the range microwave – Mounted under wall cabinets that hang over your stove. This is great for families with small kitchens as it saves space. Mid size or full size ovens are available.
  • Built-in microwave – Integrated into your cabinets or wall. This will save some counter space but usually only comes in full size ovens for the large families.

Now that you have a better idea of what you want, click here to read more about features or find the best microwave oven to buy from my top picks below.

Best Microwave Ovens 2015 – My Reviews & Top Picks

It is quite difficult to decide on a clear winner because many microwave ovens have their ‘extra’ stuffs that make them unique. The top manufacturers are:

  • GE, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Whirlpool and etc.

From all these choices, below are my top picks:
Countertop Microwave Reviews

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Convection Microwave Reviews

Over the Range Microwave Reviews

Microwave Oven Reviews

Microwave oven reviews by brands:

Best Microwave Picks

Here are the top microwave models:

Microwave Ovens Features

With the above information about microwave oven, let’s equip you with more knowledge.

A higher wattage will mean that the food cooks faster. Power varies between 500 watts and nearly 1,400 watts. Personally, for an average household, I prefer a microwave of approximately 1.2 cubic feet and 1,100 watts. Remember that the wattage specified on the description of the microwave oven meant its maximum power.

Glass Turntable Carousal
This is quite a standard feature to provide even cooking. With this, the heating waves allow an even exposure to heat the food evenly all the way through. Without it, the heating waves can only penetrate a certain depth beyond the surface of the food.

Controls and Display
Majority of the units have a digital display, a clock/timer and other preset modes. Just ensure that the switches are not mechanical push type. Get one with a touch pad control panel that is easy to wipe clean, and most importantly, user-friendly so that you can quickly set it on.

This is to release heat and moisture. Always know the location of these vents to prevent damage to walls or furniture.


  • Auto programs
  • Temperature Probes
  • Cook or defrost by weight functions
  • Crisping functions
  • Child lock
  • Removable Racks
  • Cooking Sensors

Check for Easy Clean-Up

  • Look for removable bottom trays or racks which make cleaning the interior much easier.
  • Look for microwave ovens that do not scratch easily on the exterior.

Well, I hope you enjoy visiting my microwave reviews blog, happy microwaving! Check out my blog page for more posts about microwave ovens.

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